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Biafra_Coat_Arms1Biafra Maps

With all these Ancient Africa maps showing us that Biafra Nation exist, why is it that all the modern maps of Africa try to exclude Biafra from African History Book? You can tell that Biafra has mega historical magnum which was stolen by its enemies. As a reminants of Biafra, we are saying that Biafra as a Country is over due, now that Nigeria’s 100 year amalgamation has EXPIRED 1914-2013, therefore… WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK! AND WE MUST GET IT BACK! We want to answer the name of our ancestors and have the right to occupy our ancestral habitation whose maps and identity were in the ancient Map of Africa about 400 years before Captain Lugard and Rev C.H Robinson created Nigeria in 1914.

Understanding the Philosophy of the Biafran Struggle for Independence.

Biafra was a country that existed on the Ancient Map of Africa for about 400 years before Nigeria was created in 1914, i.e before the First Map was created. However, Biafra, as a Nation (Kingdom), has been in existence for over 5000 years. Biafra has been in existence before the Greece, Before the United Kingdom and even before the Roman Empire. In fact, by the year 1662, the three prominent Kingdoms in West Africa were the Kingdom of Biafra in the East, the Kingdom of Benin in the West and the Kingdom of Zamfara in the North. The Kingdom was then spelt as “Biafara”. Here are some of the Ancient Maps of Africa showing the three Kingdoms. In 1884-1885, the Europeans and Americans met in the Berlin Conference, Germany, and spread the map of Africa on a table and shared the lands of Africa among themselves for colonization and exploitation of the resources of Africa. This is known in history as the Scramble for Africa. It was from these three kingdoms that Nigeria was created in 1914.


MAP of NIGERIA – This is Why we Fight and the More Reason, WHY WE MUST WIN!


Languages in Biafra





biaframap2004 biafra Ajana_location_map_01


Towns & Villages of Biafra Land


Between 1501 and 1867, the transatlantic slave trade claimed an estimated 12.5 million Africans and involved almost every country with an Atlantic Coastline.


Slave Mortality, as percent of Slaves Leaving, and Voyage Length from Africa to Caribbean Regions, 1776–1830



Slave Arrival-1



Map.African+captives ELTIS2 CNX_History_01_03 middle-passage






1644 blaeu8








1710 molle


1737 hase


1805 cary






1851 tallis




1852 levasseur


1856 andriveau


 1880 andriveau







27 thoughts on “Biafra Maps”

  1. afamefuna augustine obinna said:

    our new nation biafra will come to pass one day,we are in tears in every instantenous giving t seconds


    • Chinwike Aloke said:

      Biafra is mine. Biafra is freedom. Biafra is a spirit,
      Biafra lives in us and we breathe Biafra
      Biafra is or wayof life and it shall be established by Elohim, Chukuwuokike Abiama

      By Chinwike Aloke


  2. igwe peter o said:

    I wish to express my joy & gratitude to God Amighty for creating me a Biafran. I will continue to pray as God Amighty has won the battle in spirit realm so it stand…Be encouraged ye sons of our father land the Republic & kingdom of Biafra, never give up Our God is with us cheers all


  3. Let me first thank you for the educative insight you have given us on the origin of Biafra and for your undying effort to get many more of the sons and daughters of Biafra to join the struggle. However, permit me to point out that it’s an understatement to say that Biafra predated the colonial period by 400 years. All Biafrans need to read recent archaeological discoveries about Biafra published in the book “They Lived Before Adam” by Prof. Catherine Acholonu; the book can be read online. I said these discoveries are recent because they are just being discovered by African scholars especially those of Biafran descent. European historians had made this discovery way back in time but kept them a guarded secret so that it would serve their aim of keeping the black race in perpetual exploitation. Biafra is more of pan-African and global in scope than the small south-eastern Nigerian kingdom that we commonly take it to be. Every Biafran must also read “Ado-na-Idu History of Igbo Origin” written by B.O.N. Eluwa.


    • Thank you for the observation, that 400 was only before the first map was created, leading to amalgamation of 1914.
      It should be noted that Biafra as a Nation (Kingdom), has been in existence for over 5000 Years.


  4. I recommend those two books: “”They Lived Before Adam” and “Ado-na-Idu History of Igbo Origin” because, as the Bible would have it, “My people are perishing for lack of knowledge.” Many countries around the world, in Africa and our Nigerian neighbours have great detailed knowledge about the pre-historic esoteric origin of Biafra; the Biafrans alone do not know much about their past. That’s why many of our compatriots have no motivation to partake in the struggle; they associate the Biafran struggle with one such evil winds that sometimes blow in history but soon fizzle away into nothingness. It is a product of ignorance. I am myself at home with this knowledge owing to my background as a historian. It was the same with the Israeli Diaspora when in 1897 Theodor Hertzl rose to fight for the creation of a state of Israel in Palestine. Many of his brethren derscribed his effort in disparaging terms. The same fate which Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is suffering today. So our people need education for self-realisation.

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    • It is a pity that many Biafrans have no knowledge of their history. And therefore do not know who to supportfor the strugle of biafra . It is a pity that Ojukwu failed. It is also a pity that Nnadi Kanu is no were to be found. But i promise, I will rise some day to put Biafra were it belongs. My dreams is that one day i will be crown king of THE kingdom of Biafra, like its European counterpart. Because i have a big dream for Biafra. I want Biafra to develop as fast as possible, ulike stagnate Nigeria who calls themselves a republic, yet nothing seems to move forward.


  5. Ogaba unogwu said:

    Biafra must be actualized in Jesus Name


  6. Biafarans! Keep marching on! Kee preaching the gospel of the restoration of the kingdom of God on earth! We are resolute….SHALOM


  7. The kingdom of biafra must be restored at all costs


  8. Ernest M. Anasiudu said:

    “Shall a nation be born at once? For as soon as Zion travailed she brought her children.” (Isaiah 66:8) I will continue to travail in unity with all believers of our God chosen people of Biafra for our Nation’s restoration in our lifetime. Jesus Is Lord!


  9. Hon.Prince Tonichukwu said:

    God bless our homeland,Biafra


  10. The kingdom of biafra must be restored at all costs


  11. McManuel Brown said:

    I still but wonder why Biafran youths of ‘now generations ‘ are so naive as to stand up for what os their right and truth?
    With Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB I stand both in truth and in spirit, if I die I die for the glory of Biafra.

    I stand for Biafra-exit


  12. Chidera ekene said:

    Biafra will prosper


  13. Ugbala Elochukwu said:

    I thank God for everything for many years devil’s have been hiding the truth from us today God have reviewed it to me by taking me to this site I never knew all this before now I have know this every thing is cross and die eny body who wants to stop me from work for BIAFRA restoration his or her life will stop to exist from that day.


  14. Kudos to the writer of this post, I’m also happy about the replies, sincerely speaking I never knew anything about the history of Biafra, I always thought Biafra was Odumegwu Ojukwu’s thinking. Thank God I now know about the history of my country Biafra, I’m not just going to be fighting for a nation that existed for only three years, I’m now going to be fighting for the nation of my ancestors, the kingdom in which my ancestors dwelled. Now I have a reason that stronger than mere Tribalistic/ethnic war between the Igbos and the Hausa Fulanis, from today I fight for my ancestral nation, the country of my Fore-fathers and I believe that by the grace of almighty God (Chukwu Okike Obiama) who I worship through Jesus Christ’s ways and my Fore-fathers also worshiped through their own means which they understood Biafra will come to actualization and be listed among the great nations of the world.


  15. Divine Akon said:

    I know who I am
    I am a biafran and am fuckin ready to fight for it when the time comes!


  16. nathaniel joshua said:

    Hmm I can see why the igbos are pushing for almost lost country to come back to existence again,am from bayelsa and I think I agree to be biafran too.


  17. May God almighty help us out of this captivity, thank God we have come to know about our past and the true origins of Biafra kingdom.our enemies tried to hide the truth from us to the extent of removing us from the map but because Biafra is one of oldest tribe on this planet a New generation has come to restore our kingdom back, land of our ancestors.i beg our gallant men to embark on this journey of freedom. All hail Biafra 💚💛🧡💙💜♥️✊✊


  18. That’s is good


  19. Biafra is a spirit


  20. the last miracle


  21. If i die, i died for 3 reasons to make heaven, to gain my freedom and nationality as a BIAFRAN, to make fortunes as a spirited son of the soil ”SOS” of BIAFRAN so help me chukwuokike abiama you never fail us, i strongly believe in the struggle.


  22. God willing we’re close to home it not from now it will surely come to pass,MAY GOD ALMIGHTY GRANT US OUR HEARTS DESIRE AMEN


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